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Finding the most suitable financial institution (banks, securities brokers etc) is very complex and time consuming process. We have an experience and knowledge that simplifies the process for our clients and delivers serious time and cost savings. We also leverage our existing business contacts and could introduce to entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas and commercial projects.

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100000 $
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1 days
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About us

We are Swiss consulting boutique

Alpine Partners Gmbh is a company established in Chur, the oldest city of the Swiss Confederation with more than 5000 years of history.

About Chur

Chur is capital of Graubunden, the biggest canton in Switzerland. Another famous city in canton is Davos, where held World Economic Forum.

According to Archaeological evidence found in Chur,  settlement at the site  goes back as far as the Pfyn culture (3900-3500 BC), making Chur one of the oldest settlements in Switzerland. Remains and objects from the Bronze and Iron Ages have also been found in the eastern sector of the current city’s old Town. These include Bronze Age Urnfield and Laugen-Melaun settlements from 1300-800 BC and Iron Age settlements from the 5th to 3rd centuries BC.

Source Wikipedia

Chur-oldest city in Switzerland

We introduce clients to the most reliable banking institutions in the world and connect entrepreneurs for innovative start-ups.

For the last decade with have developed business partnership with dosen private banking institution in Switzerland and Liechtenstein in order to deliver our clientele on the most cost efficient wealth management services. We only act as consulting services provider and deliver our knowledge with purpose to find the most suitable institution in each particular case based on clients domicile, investment strategy and other preferences.

We closely works with most successful entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe and Asia and could help to rise capital or find innovative project to invest.


Why clients choose us

Highest quality of services

More than 20 years of experience in the financial sector of the CIS, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, a constantly updated methodological base, monitoring of legislation and bank proposals allow us to constantly maintain the quality of our services at the highest level.

Huge business network

We cooperate with leading banks in Switzerland that serve clients from the Eastern and Western Europe. We have established business contacts with UHNWI and also young enterpreners with some amazing projects from different parts of the world.

Favorable and transparent prices

We have some of the lowest prices in the industry! All terms and conditions will be pre-agreed before we deliver solution to the client. There will be no any extra charges regardless our additional expenses that may appear during our working process.

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