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About The Firm

We are small consulting company with broad expertise in banking and finance. We are not offering portfolio management or investment advise. Our key offering is banking expenses analysis. We help to reduce cost and find the most cost efficient and financial service provider.

Our offer

We have a strong knowledge and “know-how” in banking and capital markets industry. We know how difficult opening a Swiss bank account for non residents, but can manage it.


Banking fees analysis

We analyse your current banking expenses and advise how to optimize it


Banking introduction

Based on results of our analysis we may introduce client to more cost efficient service provider


Support from tax experts

We can introduce to external tax consultants to analyse your current tax situation

Special services

Why Choose Us

During our activity, we have accumulated large experience working with companies from various industries, large financial and industrial enterprises, holdings, foreign and international organizations.

Over then 20 years average working experince, constantly updated methodological base, monitoring of legislation and banks offerings  allows us to constantly maintain the quality of our services at the highest level.

Our company provides services in 4  different directions. The presence of specialists of various profiles, the coordinated work of all partners contribute to the effective solution of client tasks and provide the preparation of the most balanced and detailed consultations.

We use a flexible multi-factor pricing system that takes into account the specific needs of the client.

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Business Case

When we took on the case, client already had preferential fees of 0.35% (0.5% standard) for trading and 0.25%  (0.5% standard) for custody. Client was feeling as privileged client due to discount he received, which was around 50% from typical banking tariffs. His average portfolio turnover rate was around 2 times per annum, since he was actively trading stocks. His annual banking expenses were around $12500.

We were approached with request to analyse his current banking fees. After careful consideration we found solution where our client could save up to 40%

We helped our client to open a new banking relationship with another Swiss bank and secured for him 0.75% all in fee.

Please see expenses comparison chart on $1 mln portfolio depending on turnover rate
All in model with unlimited portfolio turnover
Total cost - $7500
Standard model with signle portfolio turnover
Total cost -$7500
Standard model with double portfolio turnover
Total cost -$12500
Standard model with triple portfolio turnover
Total cost -$17500

Our client with portfolio of $1 mln started saving on average $5 000 per year, while he spent one off fee  $1000 for our services

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Feel free contact us via e-mail or call for consultation.

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