How much does it cost to create a website In Switzerland – the price of website development 2023

How much does a website cost? Ask the developer, and he will answer even more questions: “What type of site is needed?”, “What structure, size, design, etc.?” Creating a website is an individual project, and its cost depends on certain factors. Moreover, the cost of the same orders from different performers is often very different. You can focus on our prices, which are in the middle price segment among IT companies.

How much does it cost to create a website In Switzerland


Phases of website development and their cost

Website development consists of several stages. Each of them takes some time. The amount of time spent, the specialists involved and a number of other factors depends on the price of website development. In Switzerland, the cost of services of developers and designers starts from 50 CHF per hour. On average, the price of the site varies from 9,000 to 50,000 CHF.

Website strategy development

Before proceeding to the technical part of creating a website, it is necessary to study the market, competitors, determine the target client, his CJM and adapt the USP to the realities of today. This is the only way to be sure of a good result. After all, any commercial site must perform the main task – to generate income.

The development of the site strategy is carried out by a group of specialists. Depending on the scope of the business, the following tasks are performed:

  • define business goals;
  • analysis of the market and competitors;
  • determination of the target audience, its needs and desires;
  • creation of a unique sales offer;
  • SEO at the development stage and the strategy of entering the market of the site;
  • development of sketches, concept and main ideas of the site;
  • plan for the promotion of the web resource;
  • determining the most effective ways of promotion.

After developing a strategy, the designer can begin his work – creating a prototype of the site. Based on the collected data, corporate colors and shapes are determined, an individual style is created and the concept of the company is reflected.

The cost of developing a website strategy starts from 2800 CHF and depends on many factors: the number of specialists involved, the complexity of the tasks and others. High-quality strategy development takes from 7 working days.

UI/UX design

Most people are visuals, and first of all “meet by clothes”. Therefore, the site should look attractive and be understandable. The UI/UX designer is responsible for this. Its main task is to make a product that will be understandable for the target audience and convenient to use. There are no websites that are poorly made but bring profit and results. To call for action, you need to win over the visitor. And for this purpose, visual influence is used, a challenge of sympathy and trust, the comfort of using the website.

The stage of website design development is no less important than engineering and technical development. Very complex technical solutions are easy to reduce to zero if they are poorly packed in a visual box. Therefore, UI / UX design is one of the main expenses for creating a website. The work of designers consists of several stages:

Frame development. At this stage, the designer schematically develops the framework of the elements of the future site and approves it with the customer. The development of the frame takes from 5 to 20 days, depending on the complexity of the project.

Prototype. Once the framework, ideas, and general principles are approved, the final user interface is created. The UI / UX designer “draws” the site for developers, distributes all the elements, and shows visually how the final product will look.

The cost of design is affected by the complexity of the project. How many pages of the site are being developed, the presence of animation, complex forms and elements and other factors. As a rule, the work of a designer requires from 80 to 400 hours of time, and the cost of website design in Switzerland varies from 2500 to 10,000 Swiss franks


Front-End development

Front-End development is the technical creation of a website. Developers implement the designer’s ideas and make the drawn buttons, fields and blocks clickable, active and responsive. In fact, this is a technical creation of the site interface. Your visitors interact with it.

The main task of Front-End developers is to make sure that the site opens on any browser, is adaptive, displays well on different screen sizes and all functions work correctly.

During the Front-End development of the site, QA-engineers begin to work. They are responsible for testing the functionality, finding errors and general analysis of the user interface.

Again, the cost of the project is affected by the complexity of the tasks, the number of pages, the development of animation, functionality, the number of features of the future site and many other factors. Front-end development requires from 120 to 600 hours, and the cost varies from 1800 to 15,000 CHF.

Back-End development

A site page is a set of code that has a visualization in browsers. This code cannot serve an end purpose. For example, on the registration page, where you need to enter the name, mail and password and click the “Register” button, everything is displayed well, and Front-End development is responsible for this. But in order for the data after clicking on the button to go to the server and be processed, back-end development is required. What else is included here and affects the cost:

Process complex queries.

Back-end development takes from 120 to 600 hours of work, and its cost varies between 4,000 – 25,000 CHF

Creating an admin panel

Admin panel allows you to manage content on the site. If you want to be able to add new products, materials, change information, you need to connect the administrative panel. You can use third-party CMS, their cost is lower (even there are free ones), but security, as well as functionality have significant drawbacks and limitations. Developing your own admin panel is an excellent solution for owners of several sites.

You can abandon the development of the admin panel and save money. But if you want to change the cost of a product or service, change the text on the site (even if it is one word), add an image, in the absence of an administrative panel, you will have to contact the developers. However, such simple tasks are performed independently. But in order to fulfill them, you need to implement a set of tools that will help manage content.

The advantages of your own admin panel is that you can choose the functionality yourself. In addition, malware is developed for popular CMS, and if it is designed only for your site, the probability of hacking is reduced to almost zero.

Depending on the set of tools and features, the development of an admin panel takes from 60 to 180 hours of work, and will cost 3000-9000 Swiss franks.

Cost of creating sites by type

What is the purpose of the site? Every entrepreneur has their own goals. It can be a personal blog for self-presentation and portfolio, a corporate website of the company, an online store. No matter what type of site is needed, it has the main task – to make a profit. However, each type of website is different in cost and complexity of development.

It is difficult to calculate the exact cost of the site, since the same type of resource includes a different set of functions (the online store for 50 products and 2000 products is different). However, it is possible to assume how much money is needed for certain types of sites.

Website for business

As a rule, this is a small resource for brand promotion. In fact, this is a business card site where the company, its services or goods are presented. As a rule, such a site includes pages “About the company”, “Reviews”, “Services and services”, “Contacts”, “Blog”. The cost depends on the number of pages and the time spent on their creation.

Such sites are suitable for small businesses. If the business is large or medium-sized, costs increase as more pages, features, and capabilities are required. In any case, the creation of a website for a business of this format costs from 9,000 CHF and takes from 60 days to develop.

E-Commerce Site

In fact, this is an online store. Even if it is simple and has only a few dozen products, the cost of its development is significantly different from the previous type of website. After all, its functionality is much more complicated. It should include the development of the following elements:

  • Home;
  • basket;
  • Category and section pages
  • product pages.
  • In addition, an e-commerce site should have a number of features:
  • integration with payment systems;
  • Feedback feature
  • user registration;
  • search;
  • admin panel;
  • Notifications;

and many others.

Therefore, it takes much more time to develop an e-commerce site. Many specialists are involved in the project. The cost of developing an eCommerce site from 12,000 CHF. It takes at least 2-3 months even to develop a simple store.

Developing a Landing Page

A landing page can be of two types: a separate one-page site to promote one product or service or a separate page on an existing site. The task of the landing page is to provide users with the necessary information about the product or service, without distracting with other elements.

Even if such a page is large in volume, it costs less than a multi-page site. The time to create a landing page takes from 20 hours, and the cost from 1000 CHF.


High-tech portals and systems

Large portals and high-tech systems require special efforts in development. They must withstand a lot of traffic, be able to contain voluminous content and work under high loads. As a rule, the functionality of such websites is extensive, and its development requires from 6 months of work and a large team of specialists.

The cost of developing portals starts from 25,000 CHF and is always discussed individually. After all, its price is influenced by a large number of factors.


Digitalization “Turnkey”

If a business wants to enter the digital space and successfully undergo digitalization, a great solution would be digitalization “Turnkey”. It’s not just about creating a new website. It all starts with the concept, development of ideas and methods of positioning the company in the online space. The necessary type of site is created, promotion strategies are developed. If necessary, an application and other digitalization products are made.

Despite the fact that this is the most effective way to make a company digital and productive, the cost of digitalization “turnkey” costs from 50,000 CHF. In addition, it will take at least 6-8 months to create products. As a rule, it takes much longer. Therefore, the transition is gradual.

Website Marketing Costs

If nothing is known about your site to customers and users, then it simply does not work. No matter how good the design, content, technical design would be, until no one knows about your product, it does not bring income. Marketing costs are sometimes much higher than building a website from scratch to launch, but it’s a necessary investment to grow a business.


Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

The fastest and most effective way to tell about your site is to become a member of an advertising network. Google is one of the powerful advertising networks and helps to tell about your site to potential customers.

You set up an advertising campaign in which you specify the necessary data about the site, product, services. After that, the account is replenished, and advertising begins to be shown to potential customers. Google’s smart algorithms show it to the target audience. But you don’t pay for the ad itself (although you can also customize this feature). You pay for clicks, that is, conversions.

The main disadvantage of this marketing method of promotion is that the cost per click varies in different niches. One product can be advertised for 1 cent per click, for another for the transition you will have to pay $ 2-3. And it is not a fact that this person will make a purchase. In some areas, the cost per click reaches $ 50-60. Therefore, you need a specialist in the configuration of advertising so that it is properly prepared and configured.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization allows you to get traffic to the site through organic search. When a person enters a query into a line, they are presented with a list of sites. The higher the position of your resource for specific search queries, the higher the chance of getting a free visitor and a potential buyer.

The cost of SEO optimization depends on many factors: the niche, the number of key requests, the amount of work. As a rule, it is worth considering the cost of search engine optimization in the amount of 300 – 1500 CHF per month. Then the results will be guaranteed.



Content on the site offers users not only valuable and useful information, but also has a positive effect on the optimization of the site. Keywords are prescribed in the articles, thanks to which search engines analyze the text and determine the page’s place in the serps.

Every website has text. It can sell products or services, be simply informational and engaging, or answer user questions. Each text has its own purpose. Professional copywriters make up the text according to the requirements and features of the niche in which the site is presented. Quality content is not only well optimized and leads new potential visitors, but is also a personal manager who sells services and products, removes objections and improves customer loyalty.

The cost of copywriting ranges from 50 to 500 CHF per article. The more pages on a site, the more content there should be.


Social Media Marketing (SMM)

SMM is focused on the sale of goods and services in social networks. Even if you think that it is difficult or unnecessary to promote anything on social media in your niche, it is necessary to engage in this type of marketing. SMM increases brand awareness, builds relationships with customers and potential buyers.

Social marketing allows you to quickly analyze a niche or product, test the service. After all, users of social networks are different, but have several common criteria: they are sincere and honest towards the brand, they are strict and unbiased, they speak directly. Therefore, the use of SMM is an excellent tool for active promotion of a web resource.

The cost of social media marketing ranges from 400 to 20,000 CHF per month.


Additional costs for creating a website

In addition to developing a website, there are additional costs that are also worth considering. These are mandatory expenses, without which it is almost impossible to do without.

Domain Name

A domain name is an individual website address where your customers and visitors will find you on the Internet.

Registration of a domain name is carried out on special services. Each of them offers users tariffs and special conditions. So, on different services, the same name may differ in price. There are also free third-level domain names. But in this case, the site will not belong to you personally, and at any time the company providing free domain services may deprive you of the rights to own the resource. Therefore, no commercial or personal site uses a free domain.

The cost of a domain name ranges from 5 to 150 CHF per year. The price is affected by the selected domain zone (.com and .site will differ in price), as well as the selected service.


Hosting space is the place where a website is stored. It provides access to it 24/7. Formally, the site can be downloaded to your personal computer and made it so that your disk space becomes the hosting. For this, you do not need to pay outside companies. But the problem is that as soon as the computer is turned off or goes to sleep, access to the site will become impossible.

Hosting providers provide uninterrupted access to your website. The choice of a good hosting should be taken carefully. Different companies offer different working conditions and costs. The price of hosting varies from 60 to 300 CHF per year. Money is debited from the account monthly. When choosing a hosting, you should pay attention to its location, the allocated amount of space and the services that the company provides. Often the quality of the site directly depends on the hosting provider.

Site maintenance

Maintenance is a comprehensive service that should also be considered when determining the cost of creating a website. It does not have fixed prices, as it may include a different set of services. The following services can be attributed to the maintenance of the site:

  • control of the technical part of the site, verification and elimination of errors;
  • process user requests;
  • Content refresh
  • updating of applications, additional plug-ins, control of their quality.

The main task is to provide users with uninterrupted access to the resource, quickly solve technical problems and maintain the normal operation of the site. The cost of maintaining the site varies from 500 to 12,000 CHF per year.