If you have thought: “Where to blog on the Internet?” and “How to blog so that it becomes an effective tool for powerful sales?”, then welcome to the article.

I will tell you a step-by-step strategy on how to start your own or corporate blog from scratch, which you can easily apply in practice or correct the existing one.


What are the blogs

Blogs are divided into two large groups – personal and corporate. Next, I will tell you a little boring theory about how to maintain a corporate and personal blog. Of course, there are divisions within groups, but we will not consider them, since they do not differ globally.


Nowadays, personal blogs have gained considerable popularity. Now, as you have already noticed, every second person is either a travel blogger or a food blogger.

A personal blog is a platform where the author expresses his thoughts, communicates on interests or promotes goods and services. You are a brand.

How to maintain a personal blog is decided by you yourself, that is, you independently prepare a content plan and are engaged in filling, promotion.

Write your personal opinion and vision of the situation, also tell and show moments of life.


If anything, right now you’re on a corporate blog

A corporate blog is an online publication that belongs to the company and works on the formation of the image, as well as helps to attract customers or partners.

And the difference with the personal is obvious. Corporate blog helps not only to attract new customers, but also increases brand loyalty and thereby builds a trusting relationship with a potential consumer.

A number of specialists are engaged in corporate blogging: editor, copywriter, content manager, seo specialist, designer. It all depends on the scale.

How to Blog: A Step-by-Step Guide

Before you start writing a blog, choosing the first available site a la “I’m now blogging”, create a clear plan.

That is: determine where to keep your own or corporate blog on the Internet, formulate a goal and topic, avoid impulsive actions. This chapter will be an excellent assistant for you in this difficult matter.

Step 1. Defining the Goal

Without a goal, nowhere, since any of the posts will be directly or indirectly aimed at achieving it.

When blogging, the goals can be completely different, and your further promotion strategy is based on them.

1.1 Increase in sales

A blog affects sales, both directly and indirectly. Although much depends on how exactly to maintain a corporate blog (or personal) and promote it.

For example, in the first case, you talk about a new product more often and more, adding a payment button to the post.

In the second case, share the customer’s success story, telling about specific results, and gently lead to the purchase.

1.2 Creating a personal brand

A blog helps an expert or company to position itself on a certain category of users.

For example, a woman runs a mother’s blog and sells products for children. It is important for her to reveal herself as a person through content and create an image understandable to the audience. Read more about this in the article.

1.3 Image formation

To achieve your goal, don’t limit yourself to blogging. Leave a link to the site where possible, participate in discussions on forums.

As soon as the blog gains popularity, you will become an opinion leader and will be able to promote not only your product, but also become an information partner for companies of related products.

By the way. Monitoring comments has a number of advantages. The first is that you are always aware of what they think about you and your competitors. The second is that in the comments you can find more warm buyers.

1.4 Value creation

It is difficult to withstand price competition, which is why many companies try to create additional value for the client.

By publishing useful content, the company stands out against the background of competitors and keeps the interest of users.

1.5 Increased loyalty

Share your personal experience and constantly confirm your effectiveness by publishing detailed cases, customer reviews.

That is, use all kinds of content that will contribute to the formation of loyalty among the audience.

Step 2. Determining The Target Audience

If you incorrectly determine the target audience, then even an interesting, colorful blog will not be popular among readers.

Think about who you are writing for? How do I blog for different segments? And how to maintain a corporate blog for partners?

But not in categories: women between 25 and 40 with children. Write the portrait in detail.

Imagine how your reader’s day goes. What challenges does he face? What is he afraid of? What goals does he set for himself?

The topic is quite complex and voluminous, therefore, in order to correctly determine the target audience, I recommend that you familiarize yourself with the articles.


Step 3. Choosing a platform

Determine where to blog is most convenient for you: on a free platform or create a website on your domain and hosting.

In addition, you can blog in social networks: YouTube, Instagram and Facebook will do.

To choose where to blog on the Internet, determine the format of the blog, and also think about where your target audience is present.

3.1 YouTube

This site is designed to place video content and is not only a video hosting, but also a search engine.

The main tasks of YouTube are the demonstration of goods, promotion of a personal brand with the help of expert video content, advertising.

And all because at the beginning of 2023, YouTube will please the authors with new opportunities. Namely, the monetization of short Shorts videos. If you’re still skeptical about this format, it’s time to learn it and start testing.

The platform allows you to collect detailed statistics about the behavior and interests of users, and on the basis of this data to adapt the video to the target audience. To collect statistical information, use YouTube Analytics.

Who is suitable: a personal blog of any nature, online schools, online stores, applications and services, new technologies, large brands, infobusiness.


3.2 Social media

Now the ball is ruled by social networks: Instagram*, VKontakte, TikTok, etc. On these sites, you can start a personal or expert blog. If one of the main tasks of the author is to become popular in his niche, then a blog in social networks will help to achieve this goal.


Instagram is a visual social network. On this site, it is better to promote products with a high-quality visual component, focused more on the female audience.

On this site there are many popular bloggers who have a loyal audience.

By properly building relationships with them, you can quickly promote your profile and gain active, interested subscribers.

Who is suitable: beauty sphere, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, businessmen, gift shops, jewelry salons, photographers, products for children, personal blogs of any nature.


The world’s most popular social network where you can successfully run your blog.

A distinctive feature of Facebook is its audience, as this resource is preferred by businessmen. Therefore, if you work in the B2B sector, then this platform is undoubtedly your option.

Facebook allows you to create a personal page and group. By the way, Facebook is good because it gives a huge range of opportunities in terms of analytics.

Who is suitable: large companies, top specialists, advertising agencies, Internet marketing, online stores, infobusiness, entrepreneurs.


Tiktok is a platform that fights with Instagram* for the title of the most popular entertainment social network in the world.

The main emphasis here is on video content. Despite the fact that entertainment content is popular among the TikTok audience, the platform is also great for maintaining a personal blog.

On TikTok, videos easily gain worldwide fame, and it’s all about a special recommendations section. The principle of its work is based on algorithms: the application itself offers the user content based on his previous actions. To get from video to recommendations means to get more views and subscribers.

Advantages of blogging on TikTok:

Dial the target audience for the blog is free. Just publish the content, and the platform’s algorithms will select the relevant audience themselves;

You can conduct live broadcasts to communicate with viewers;

There are analytics tools that allow you to track the growth of the profile.

Own website

The presence of the site will make the project more significant in the eyes of users.

A blog on its own domain and hosting has a number of advantages: independence from the policy of a particular platform, the ability to connect plugins and create a unique design.

To implement, install a blog engine, I strongly recommend WordPress, as this system is sharpened for the tasks of novice bloggers.

In addition, you can connect analytical tools and measure the effectiveness of the resource.

Who is suitable:  active bloggers, companies, government organizations, top specialists, advertising agencies, Internet marketing, online stores, infobusiness.