How website design affects sales

The modern world of business cannot be imagined without representation on the Internet. Americans say, “If you’re not on the Internet, you’re not there!”

A potential buyer visiting a company’s website will necessarily have his own opinion at the subconscious level, which will determine his perception of the company itself. This attitude will affect the further actions of the visitor: he will become a client, or turn to other offers.

web design

If a person is met by clothes, then the company’s website is by design. No one intends to communicate with an untidy person for a long time. No one will stay on a sloppy site for a long time, because sloppy design, lack of any style, hard-to-read font or font of disproportionate size can cause irritation. And chaotically located or abundant pictures, inconvenient navigation, spelling mistakes – to scare away visitors, and as a result, a potential client will leave the site.

Competent design not only keeps the visitor’s attention, contributing to the most complete familiarization with all the information provided, but also causes a positive aesthetic impression.

A modern website should be, first of all, user-friendly.

The site should have convenient navigation, should not be overloaded with advertising, graphic materials, banners. If Flash animation, audio and video playback is used, the user should be able to choose a version of the site for fast Internet or slow. By the way, if the site has audio accompaniment, take care of the sound mute function, because not all visitors will be happy to constantly listen even to a perfectly selected, in your opinion, musical composition.

So, let’s imagine that the design of the site made a proper impression on a potential client, this inspired him to view the main content. It does not matter what you represent on the site, goods, services or just the image of the company, it must be shown as informatively as possible, but at the same time briefly and clearly.

Website is a showcase. The rule “Only what is visible in the window” is for sale works here as well as possible.

It is most appropriate to place the showcase immediately after the title area in the center of the page. It is on the showcase that you should present not only your product, but also competitive advantages. In other words, the “highlight” should be highlighted. If this is not done, the visitor may have the opinion that your company does not stand out from the “gray mass” and does not deserve special attention.

In order for a visitor to your site to become a client of your company, he must find what he was looking for, which will allow him to meet the existing need that brought him to the Internet. Your site should be informative, because it is the content, winning information that can “hook” the visitor, not meticulously worked out icons.

In order to find out how effectively the site design works, it is necessary to compare site traffic with the number of sales made with it. The attendance and rating of the site can be determined using tools such as WebsiteOutlook, Quantcast, Feedcompare,