Every year there is an update of web design trends. All of them are aimed at adapting the site and giving it an excellent appearance. For all these tools, JavaScript frameworks are used, which provide a high level of adaptation of ideas to the code. This makes it possible to exclude the long-running download process. In this article, I have collected 10 main trends that will be used in the field of web design.

web design trends

What is web design, and why is it needed?

Web design is the structure of the design of the page, which receives the greatest originality and uniqueness compared to other portals. With its help, you can increase not only aesthetic, but also functional attractiveness.

The appearance of the Internet resource is a kind of advertising of products or companies. Its effectiveness and prosperity will depend on this. We can distinguish the main directions of web design:

  • maintaining or creating prestige;
  • allow consumers to receive the information component of the brand in its accessible form;
  • carry out effective promotion of the site in the search ranking;
  • retain and attract new visitors.

Various tools and methods are used to achieve these goals. All of them can act both individually and in combination with each other. At the same time, they must be selected from the trends of a certain year, so that the site continues to bring income, and can also solve all the tasks.

This work is entirely about harnessing the creative potential of the developer. The quality and attractiveness of the page depends on the creativity and professionalism of the web designer. Constant changes and the emergence of new trends is not only an opportunity to expand the field for creativity, but also force specialists to be in constant tension in order to effectively track and create profitable projects.

Key Web Design Trends of 2022

The fashion for the design of sites and applications is dictated by the situation in the world as a whole, technological processes and the wishes of users. From the optimized appearance depends on how your project will behave, and whether it will move forward in the ranking. To do this, web designers track the trends of 2022 in order to use them for their work.

Apply a dark interface to a page’s appearance

The process of popularizing this design received its beginning in 2019. At first, dark themes were only used in some apps. Today, developers use this appearance for sites. The main brands that actively offer dark themes are Apple, Facebook, Telegram, YouTube, and many others.

The use of the dark theme is adjusted manually using the settings. There are also options that allow you to set a timer to switch. In this case, the user no longer participates in this.

The popularity of this design is ensured by obtaining a number of positive aspects:

  • allows you to create an accent color selection due to contrast;
  • allows you to fully perceive the contents at a low level of illumination;
  • provides economical energy consumption and prolongs the life of screens, to a greater extent OLED;
  • makes it possible to stand out from the rest of the options.
  • helps reduce eye strain; the content of the page is better perceived at night.

The dark mode inclines users to quickly crawl the content of the site and focus on key aspects of the page: charts, graphs, promotions. A dark shade of the background with a properly selected color palette and typography of other elements causes an emotional response, pushing users to targeted actions, increasing audience loyalty.

Despite the fact that this design option is no longer so new, it will still be used in 2022.

Use unique fonts to highlight headings or important information


One of the font variants with notches. Fonts have always been used not only to convey text, but also to create a beautiful appearance. Web designers together with graphic designers create their own unique options that will be actively used in the future. With their help, you can get a number of advantages:

  • create a unique appearance;
  • the ability to highlight important information;
  • creation of aesthetically advantageous design;
  • attracting the user’s attention to the content.

Today, options with serifs or curls have become popular. They give a nostalgic mood and make the design more authentic. Also, lettering is often used for allocation. It consists in the different height of the letters in one word, as well as the presence of additional elements for decoration.

Another point that is related to fonts is adaptation. Many users study content not only from a computer, but also from a smartphone or tablet. The site itself must adapt their size adjusting them to the screen size of the device.

Microsoft fonts

The company Mikeroft in 2022 will add new default fonts to Microsoft Office. The company considers the Calibri font outdated, and ordered 5 original fonts from third-party designers, which users will be able to test within six months on social networks.

Five new default fonts from Microsoft.

The following fonts will be added to Microsoft Office 365 office applications:

  • Grandview;
  • Skeena;
  • Bierstadt;
  • Seaford;
  • Tenorite.

Representatives of the company believe that the type of font used when writing resumes and emails for newsletters affects the first impression of the user. Both Calibri and the new fonts will be available in the office programs menu.

Apply custom scrolling

In our usual sense, scrolling has always been done vertically. This option was ideal for using standard computer scrolling with a mouse.

With the expansion of technology and the impact of progress, many companies are starting to use non-standard scrolling options:

  • Horizontal;
  • in all planes.

Horizontal scrolling provides a comfortable viewing of information on phones or tablets. This is due to the fact that gesture control is used to work with these devices.

Side scrolling is great for store catalogs, portfolios, sites containing maps and online galleries. Properly executed side scrolling will emphasize animation effects, make the web resource more attractive, convenient and memorable for users.

Viewing in all planes provides a comfortable interaction when using any gadgets. Swipe capture works great with both a computer mouse and a touchscreen. This allows users to interact more comfortably with the page with the mouse, and view the product from all sides and planes.

Apply animated images in 3D

Apply animated images in 3D

An example of 3D animation. In some cases, things are easier to demonstrate than to attach a large description of the product in text format. In this case, you can successfully apply 3D animation. Thanks to their use, the user will be able to analyze the proposed product more easily. In 2022, 3 D-effects will become more voluminous, they will trace the desire for futuristic elements.

Previously, this method was exclusively educational in nature. However, now it is increasingly being introduced into the field of Internet promotion. Its active use became available thanks to new frameworks that made the process of loading a page or application as simple and convenient as possible. This allows the user to enjoy a bright and moving picture without a tedious and long wait.

3D animation will not leave anyone indifferent thanks to the exciting realism. Designing in this format mimics the effect of depth both in images and illustrations, as well as in typography. To create realistic illustrations next year, 3 D images will be used in combination with photographs and design in 2 D format. users will be able to explore objects from all sides.

Also, the popularization of this method became possible due to the development of augmented and virtual reality technologies. They are directly related to 3D animations, as similar tools are used to implement them. It is planned that in the near future the sites will be able to be supplemented with virtual reality to maximize the comfortable use of the page.

Availability of video for design

2022 will also be distinguished by the ability to use video files for website development and web design. These can be both small video variants and full-screen versions. This principle has already been applied in design, but only in the form of a background resource. Now they will be put in the first place, without covering anything. This design option will be most useful for some categories of sites:

  • conducting displays of expensive goods, as Apple does;
  • organization of presentations, exhibitions of paintings or other types of art, advertising of concerts;
  • presentations of sports and political actions;
  • video recordings of beauty procedures in beauty salons;
  • study of the structure or methods of connecting goods;
  • advertising games or presentation of new products of the film industry.

In 2022, adding videos from Youtube to the site will not be enough. Youtube videos will be replaced by intelligent videos, for the creation of which creative resources and tools will be connected to replace the background, add symbols, icons, icons and logos. With the development of technology, there will be new opportunities for video, such as real-time purchases, 360-degree shooting, disappearing content and other innovations.

This will enable visitors to study the material more clearly and in detail, which will lead to the best understanding of its features and positive aspects.

Using Flaws as Unique Features

Using Flaws as Unique Features

An example of asymmetric filling placement. Imperfections no longer look unattractive. On the contrary, they are actively used to attract the user’s attention to a particular component of the page. Beautifully complemented by asymmetry or strikethrough, the image will create an enticing headline or make the overall design more authentic.

This will look good on various sites. For example:

  • online magazines or newspapers;
  • websites selling clothes, cosmetics;
  • information pages on interior décor;
  • blogs on the beauty or fashion industry.

The design will use such a unique technique as uncentered balance. It will be able to revive the target audience, concentrate its attention on the most important elements of the site, facilitate the perception of graphic information. Asymmetry will allow more efficient and profitable use of the free space of the site, and will separate the navigation menu from the rest of the content. Asymmetrical design will help to express the main message and emotions of the web resource, create a sense of dynamism. This technique is perfect for creating sites of an advertising nature, on which an important component is an emotional motive.

Thanks to this, sites will be able to attract a large number of visitors, since the unusual always attracts attention and creates a directed interest of consumers. Recognition of the voice command is carried out using voice verification.

Work with voice control for contactless interaction

And first of all, this technology is aimed at people who actively use smartphones and tablets. This is due to the fact that these devices are more focused on voice interaction due to the built-in microphone.

The spread of this resource has already begun its action due to the creation and widespread use of voice assistants. This technology is used by Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft.

It is assumed that 2022 will serve as an impetus for the introduction of this technology in various web resources. This can lead to a number of positive aspects:

  • quick search for information;
  • contactless page navigation;
  • free management of various options.

In 2022, users will be presented with 3 improved voice interfaces.

  1. Natural speech. The built-in virtual assistant will be able to recognize both clear voice commands and the user’s natural language.
  2. Voice output of information. Texts will not be displayed on the screen, and the information contained in them will be spoken by an automated voice message.

Smart interpretation. The given command will be carefully analyzed by the virtual assistant based on the actions performed by users earlier.

This should be an important impetus to increase user experience and effective implementation of projects. Its use will highlight a high-tech site against the background of other Internet resources.

The use of the most minimalistic options for web design

The use of the most minimalistic options for web design

Minimalistic design of the store’s website. Minimalism in the design of the site implies a large area of free space without unnecessary elements. With the help of well-placed accents, you can control the user’s gaze and lead him to targeted actions. The main goal of the minimalist style in design is to achieve a combination of functionality, convenience, aesthetics and atmosphere.

Since users spend a lot of time online, it becomes important for them to get information quickly and easily. Various decorative elements become distracting and irritating factors, which are the reason for the decrease in traffic visits. To avoid this, in 2022, web designers should focus on minimalistic page models.

This is also due to the fact that the use of smartphones, tablets or smart watches is not possible to display the full range of design solutions. This leads to the emergence of an adaptive approach in the field of web design.

Governance has also undergone a shift towards minimalism. More and more pages are equipped with only a few kinds of buttons or to apply a landing page, in which you only need to scroll down the page.

The use of this trend has already begun to lead to an improvement in the usability situation. The fewer questions the user has about navigation, the more useful time he has to work with this site. One example is Amazon’s navigation.

Also here it is worth noting that the more simplified the navigation, the more qualitative the design should be, which should be in harmony with the general trend and emphasize its advantages, and not knock down the user.

Work with layering, shadows or floating parts

Elements with a floating base and complemented by soft shadows create an illusory 3D image. The use of this method allows you to add deeper and more interesting moments. All of them are designed to interest the client and draw his attention to important points.

Compared to classic 3D, this hike is more simplistic. It allows the user to feel the illusion of a wide space, and get positive emotions from working with the service. It also provides an opportunity to increase the level of interest in the brand, and make the product more recognizable.

This tool is still used as a good substitute for pure 3D effect and three-dimensional animations. In 2022, it can be found in the first half of the year, but then there is a very high chance of its complete exclusion from the lists of trends.

Use gradients and color highlights

The pioneer of the fashion for color gradients and schemes was Instagrm back in 2016. Their logo became iconic and made a breakthrough in the web design industry. Since then, this approach has not lost its relevance, which allows designers to continue working with color transitions.

The difference in application is most concerned with the color scheme. Thanks to the use of the most minimalistic trends, color gradients appear before us in two formats:

  • monochrome;
  • the most opposite colors in the coloristic circle.

The first method is characterized by the use of a single color with a smooth transition to white or the lightest shade. This method is suitable for highlighting headings or important blocks. The second option allows you to divide the page into two fields in which opposite or compared objects will be placed.

Also, for this type of design, they stopped using acidic or very bright colors. Most often, preference is given to pastel colors or bright, but blurred shades.

What conclusions can be drawn from this article

Having analyzed the totality of information from this article, I can conclude that web design is mostly aimed at increasing the functionality of working with sites. This is due to the trends of the time, in which visitors do not have the opportunity to spend hours at the computer or gadget to understand the interface of a particular portal.

Minimalism has already extended its action to all spheres of activity. As for the creation of websites, to a greater extent it is present in the design and management of the portal. All actions of web designers are aimed at:

  • concise design;
  • logical navigation of the site;
  • ease of perception of information;
  • high speed of data acquisition;
  • optimization of the loading process;
  • simplification of the user’s work with information blocks.

Advertising aspects are also touched upon when planning the appearance. This can be seen in the use of different designs for headings or highlighting a product in the first place with the help of 3D design.

All trends tend to move from past years to the future. This is a kind of evolutionary process in which only the strongest and most adapted to the needs of users models survive. Some of them disappear, without having time to gain a foothold in the market, others continue to exist for several years.

The development of technology and makes it possible to apply more complex tools and options for creating sites. It’s important to keep up with the times to maintain traffic, rankings, and page performance.

In 2022, web designers will be more careful in design, as all trends are reduced to a maximum of functionality. Tracking and using web design trends in 2022 to promote and create a website, they will be able to create high-quality projects with flexible design and reliable management.