SEO promotion and website optimization. History and principles

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) appeared together with development of search engines like Google and Yahoo in mid of 1990-s.

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At this time, search engines selected resources according to a very simple principle: they took into account those words that were in the text of the pages. SEO before 1998 was based on spam keys. The first search results included Internet resources with texts like this: “Sneakers for sale Zurich”. The search results were nightmarish. The tops were mostly spam.
In 1998, Google made the first SEO revolution, marking the beginning of the link period. The search service has implemented the PageRank link ranking algorithm, which calculates the weight of the page by calculating the importance of links to it. The more links there are to a page, the more important it is.
Under these conditions, SEO begins to develop quite quickly. The first agencies providing website optimization services appear, a link business is born: link sellers, automatic promotion services, scripts for link exchange appear.
The dawn of link SEO is the period 2005-2009. It was a time of large reference budgets, one hundred percent guarantees. SEO is becoming a highly profitable business.
2012 is the beginning of the cheese-free period. Search engines are fighting links. In April 2012, Google launches the Penguin algorithm. It blocks Internet resources for low-quality links created by webmasters in order to influence positions. Promotion only by purchasing links has become useless.
At this time, companies begin to try to study ranking algorithms to understand which factors to focus on for website optimization and seo promotion. Various models of seo promotion are being developed, new strategies and methods are being tested.
By 2016, experts were finally convinced that the promotion of the site is possible only through its development. The only correct solution is the systematic improvement of service, content and design, that is, investment in convenience and originality.
Since then, technical and search engine optimization, design and usability, content quality, commercial and behavioural factors, social signals, link profile quality – a total of 800 factors whose weight changes regularly – are important. Quality links continue to work. Instead of buying them, advertising, PR and content marketing are used.

Conclusion: today it is necessary to promote a web resource comprehensively, taking into account all factors. Methods that worked yesterday for website optmiziation may no longer work today. It is necessary to follow seo-news and develop your resource.

Website optimization or how does SEO work?

Search engines are constantly striving to improve the quality of search results, so it is necessary to promote the Internet resource comprehensively. This is work with the technical side, content as a decisive factor, convenience, usability, website responisivess on different devices and attracting natural links.

Works are divided into two subtypes: internal and external optimization.

Internal SEO optimization

Internal website optimization activities improve the site and have a direct impact on its site position. Works are divided into:

  • compilation of a semantic core (selection of keywords for which it is planned to promote the resource);
  • improvement of the internal structure of the resource (CNC, Robots.txt, site map);
  • elimination of technical errors (duplicate pages, broken links, increase in the speed of loading the site);
  • continuous improvement of the usability of the resource (convenience for users);
  • increasing the relevance of pages (compliance with the user’s request);
  • image optimization;
  • implementation of internal linking.

Internal website optimization is the most time-consuming work, it must be carried out constantly. It is internal optimization that should be considered as a key factor in the success of your project.

The site should be of high quality, fast, user-friendly and fully provide the information for which they came to you.

External SEO optimization

External optimization is the build-up of the link mass, i.e. obtaining links to your site from other resources.
In the context of the tightening of the struggle of search engines with links, the main problem is the selection of a good donor site. The best result is given by links from trust thematic untamed sites.
In the process of external optimization, a list of “donors” is formed, link texts and a near-link environment are developed, after which they are placed.
To build up a natural and high-quality link mass, use methods of obtaining links that do not contradict the rules, for example:
constant publication of new information and interesting materials that users will share;
registration in search engines and directories;
exchange of links with popular and high-quality resources;
placement of press releases;
activity on forums and blogs.

In the process of optimization, you also need to conduct a competitive analysis: it will help to understand what the site lacks for growth.